Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to Troubleshoot "Error Code: 0x80070035 The Network Path Was Not Found"

While working on your computer, suddenly you might get an error that can freeze up or block the screen thereby preventing you from using your computer. Some errors can be minor whereas some can be critical. Some errors can damage your computer irreparably and also ruin your valuable data or files. In this blog, you will learn some important steps to troubleshoot "Error Code 0x80070035 The Network Path Was Not Found" on your Windows computer. Before you consult to a technical support firm, you can apply some easy steps. Some error can get fixed easily without any help from a computer support expert.  

What is "Error Code 0x80070035 The Network Path Was Not Found"? 

It is a common Windows error code. The error relates to Windows OS and other Windows compatible software and drivers. It has a numeric error number. In some cases, it happens whenever the computer becomes unstable, and some critical files go missing. It may happen continuously when your computer does not get maintained regularly. So, you should get the error fixed immediately to avoid damage. You can take help from technical support expert that have better knowledge about fixing those errors.

Causes of the Error

The error may be caused by damaged Windows files, and corrupted files entries. There can be so many events that may result in the errors such as improper deletion of an application, incomplete installation. Viruses, adware/spyware attack, can be another cause of the error. It may result in the corruption of the entries in the Windows files. 

How to Fix the Error?

 Method One: 

    Start the computer and log on as an administrator.
    Click 'Start button' then select ‘All Programs.’
    Go to 'Accessories' and then select 'System Tools.'
     Then click 'System Restore.'
    Go to a new window and click "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option.
    Then hit 'Next.'
    Go to the most recent system restore point from the “click a restore point" list.
     Hit 'Next.'
     Click 'Next' on the confirmation window.
     Then, 'Restart the computer,' after completing the process.


Method Two: 

The error may occur because your security programs such as an antivirus or a Windows Firewall, which might have conflicted each other. In that case, you might need to temporary disable the antivirus and firewall and turn on the security program that you turn off.
Antivirus software can help you to secure your computer against viruses or threats. So, you shouldn't disable your security program. If you need to disable security programs temporarily, you should re-enable as soon as possible. You can also get viruses /threats on your computer if your security program has got disabled.
Following are the steps to disable antivirus software:

    Click 'start button.'
    Then, go to 'Action Center.'
    Click 'Control Panel.'
    Then, 'System and Security.'
     Hit 'Review your computer's status.'
    Double-click 'Security' and expand the section.
    If your Windows can detect antivirus software
    Listed under 'Virus protection.'
    If Anti-virus is on, click 'Disable' or 'turn off.'



If you have tried the above troubleshooting steps, then it should fix the error 0x80070035. If the error still prevails, you might need to consult with tech support expert to troubleshoot the error. They might use some other advanced tools or tricks to resolve it or fix with the help of same steps that you have applied. Professional and well-trained tech support expert from a reputed computer support firm can easily fix such Windows errors. If the problems are serious or critical, you cannot fix it by just using troubleshooting steps rather you need thorough scanning of your PC for appropriate diagnosis and repair.

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