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Online Tech Support to Troubleshoot 0x0000007B Error Messages

Irrespective of the brand and make, we often come across PC errors with our laptop or desktop computer, and we look for live support to fix those issues. If you are not confident enough to troubleshoot the issue yourself then the right way of getting it done is to call online tech support helpdesk. By calling to a technical support helpdesk, you get instant access to a pool of certified technical support specialists having vast knowledge and experience of PC troubleshooting. A desktop support technician can offer you premium support anytime irrespective of weekends or public holidays. 

0x0000007B Error

In this blog, we will share important information regarding the causes and resolution of the commonly found 0x0000007B error messages on your PC. So go through the entire blog to get a brief idea about how to fix the error before you rush to a technical support specialist or an online tech support service provider.
The 0x0000007B error messages are also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or blue screen error, and it is considered a fatal error for your PC. Once the PC faces this error, you get a stop message on your screen conveying the occurrence of this error. 

Causes of STOP 0x0000007B Errors

The major reason for STOP 0x0000007B error is a device driver issue, virus infections, data corruption and even failure of vital hardware components. Driver issues pertain to hard drive and other storage controllers. 

How to Fix 0x0000007B Error Messages 

0x0000007B Error

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the BSOD error on your laptop or desktop PC:
While applying these steps, you must remember that some of these steps may require you to use your PC in Safe Mode. In case you are not able to access your PC in safe mode then it is better to skip those steps. 

1.    First of all, you are recommended to restart your PC if you have not done it already. Sometimes, the STOP 0x0000007B blue screen error is just a fluke, and you get rid of it with just a simple restart. 

2.    Have you installed or made any changes to the hard driver controller? If yes, then there is a fair possibility that it might have caused the 0x0000007B error. 

3.    To test your luck, you should undo the changes and see if the error goes off. 

4.    If this doesn’t work then, you should check and ensure that the hard drive has been properly installed. It is important to ensure because an improperly installed hard drive may cause several issues including 0x0000007B error.

5.    Next you need to verify that the hard drive has been properly configured in BIOS. The error may occur if the drivers are not properly configured in BIOS.  

6.    The next you need to do is to scan your PC for viruses. It is important because the error may occur because of infected master boot record (MBR). 

7.    Here you need to make sure that the virus scanning software that you are using is updated and properly configured to scan the MBR and boot sector. 

8.    Now start updating the drivers for your hard drive controller. Remember, if the drivers for the hard driver controller are outdated or corrupt then the 0x0000007B is mostly likely to take place. 

9.    Note: If the error takes place during the Windows setup process and you suspect a driver issue behind it then it is recommended to ensure that drivers for driver controller are updated. You can refer the OEM to find the appropriate driver for the driver controller. 

10.    Now you need to change the SATA mode in BIOS mode. Here you need to disable some of the advanced features of SATA drivers in BIOS to prevent the 0x0000007B from taking place again. You have to be careful especially if you are using Windows XP or facing the issue during Windows XP installation. 

11.    Now let us move to check the hard drive. You should perform an extensive test of your hard drive. You may face the error if your hard drive is physically damaged. 

12.    You should replace the hard drive if you find any error in the test that you can’t fix 

13.    Once you replace the hard drive, you need to run the “fixmbr” command to create a new master boot record. It is important because a corrupt MBR might be causing the error. 

14.    Now you need to clear the CMOS. It is important because a BIOS memory issue might cause the issue. Therefore, the issue might get resolved by clearing the CMOS. 

15.    Last but not the least; you should update your BIOS. It is found that an outdated BIOS may be responsible for the 0x0000007B error. An outdated BIOS can lead to incompatibilities with a hard drive controller. 

Once you complete the above mentioned steps, you will be probably able to get rid of the error and after a restart your PC will start functioning like usual. However, technical hiccups cannot be ruled out entirely. So if even after performing these steps, your PC doesn’t start working then it is the right time to contact a desktop support technician for instant online tech support.

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