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Tech Support Tips to Resolve “0x80004005” Error in OneDrive for Business

You may experience stubborn Windows errors on your Microsoft PCs that may restrict you from accessing some specific applications and Windows features. System errors may lead to some severe PC problems that are difficult to handle. Read below to know how you can apply some common tech support tips to resolve the 0x80004005 error code on your Windows computer.
 OneDrive for Business
Undoubtedly, many of you might have come across the error before, but every time it has a different cause of its occurrence. Since the error 0x80004005 is one of the common Windows error that you may experience on various Windows versions, its causes can be different from each other. The article will deal with the error code appearing on Windows 8.1 PC when a user tries to access OneDrive for Business. The tutorial assumes that the OneDrive for Business gets installed during Office 365 download, and it was working fine after it gets installed. After a few days, you may experience the error code appearing on your Windows device, resulting in restricting your OneDrive access and affecting some basic computing operations. 

What Error Message Will Appear on Your Windows Screen? 

You will experience the error code on OneDrive for Business edition. The occurrence of the error may cause several issues with OneDrive for Business, and you may receive the following error message:
“OneDrive for business needs to close because of a hardware or configuration problem
Error Description: Unspecified error
HRESULT: 0x80004005

Tech Support Tips to Resolve the Error Code:

Tech Support  
1.       Clearing Office Credential Caches

You may experience the issue because of the Office credential caches. You will require clearing those caches completely to get rid of the error. Use the following commands to clear the cache for OneDrive for Business:
        Type “cd %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\” command and press Enter.
        Type “rmdir OfficeFileCache /s” command and press Enter.
        Type “cd %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\” command and press Enter.
        Type “rmdir Spw /s” command and press Enter.

2.       Remove Office 2013 Completely 

If the commands are unable to resolve the error, then try removing the MS Office 2013 suite completely. Uninstalling the MS suite will help in removing the cache data and registry information automatically.
Follow the below-mentioned tips to uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365 from a Windows computer:

Uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365 Using Control Panel

1.       Power on your Windows device and go to Control Panel.
2.       Click ‘Programs.’
3.       Select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
4.       Right-click the ‘Office’ application you wish to remove and click ‘Uninstall.’

Uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365 Using the ‘Fix it’ Tool

1.       If you think that the application still exists on your device, then use the 'Fix it' tool to get it removed completely.
2.       Browse to the Microsoft’s official website and search the 'Fix it' tool to uninstall Office 365.
3.       Click the ‘Fix it’ file to download it on your system.
4.       Once the downloading process gets finished, click ‘Open’ at the bottom of your screen.
5.       The ‘O15CTRRemove.diagcab’ file will get open
6.       If the file doesn’t open, then click Save > Open Folder, and double-click the file to uninstall the application.

3.       Reinstall the Latest Version of Office

If the issue persists, then you will require running a clean boot to confirm that the issue is related to the services conflicts. Running a clean boot will disable all startup programs and the third party services to provide a clear picture of why your OneDrive application is experiencing such annoying Windows errors. 

Some Early Preparations for Performing a Clean Boot

        Log on to the computer as an administrator
        Don’t get panic if your PC temporarily loses some functionality while performing the clean boot
        Never use the System Configuration utility to change the advanced boot options
        If you receive the original error message after performing the clean boot, then contact a remote computer support executive for additional support.

Steps to Perform a Clean Boot:
For Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 Users

1.         Swipe in from the right side and tap Search or point to the lower-right corner of the screen with your mouse and click ‘Search.’
2.         Type “msconfig” command in the Search box and tap or click ‘msconfig.’
3.         Go to the ‘Services’ tab of the ‘System Configuration’ dialog box
4.         Tap or click the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox
5.         Tap or click ‘Disable all.’
6.         Switch to the ‘Startup’ tab of the ‘System Configuration’ dialog box
7.         Tap or click ‘Open Task Manager.’
8.         On the Startup tab in Task Manager, select the item for each startup item and click ‘Disable.’
9.         Close the Task Manager.
10.     Now, switch to ‘Startup’ tab of the System Configuration dialog box
11.     Tap or click ‘OK.’
12.     Finally, restart the system to apply the changes. 

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users

1.       Click 'Start' and type “msconfig.exe” in the Search box.
2.       Press Enter to start the System Configuration utility.
3.       You may require entering an administrator password if a window prompts for it.
4.       Now, go to the ‘General’ tab and click the ‘Selective Startup’ option.
5.       Click to clear the ‘Load startup items’ checkbox.
6.       Click to select the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ check box, on the ‘Services’ tab.
7.       Click ‘Disable all’ option.
8.       Disabling these services may permanently delete all restore points.
9.       Click OK, and click ‘Restart’ to complete the clean boot on your device.


Apart from applying the tips mentioned above, you can also run the “rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr” command in the Command Prompt to get rid of the “0x80004005” error. It is agreeable that the error may occur due to plenty of reasons, but it may cause serious damages to your computer parts. If applying the troubleshooting tips cannot help in resolving the error, then contact your tech support partner to fix the issue. Computer support firms have instant solutions for your uncertain PC problems, and they can troubleshoot the same to prevent any further damages.

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