Tuesday 9 June 2015

How to Fix "The Remote Procedure Call Failed" Errors

When we are using our computers, we may get errors such as program stopped working and more. On Windows 8, it is always simpler and smarter to use Windows Storage Apps to look for new software. However, you might get the remote procedure call failed error. It is an annoying error that hinders users from using some of the splendid software that Microsoft offers. 

There RPC error might be as a result of many issues on your computer, most particularly the registry files. Corruption of the registry files might be as a result of installing third party applications. There are many methods of carrying out PC repair when such an error arises. First, it is always important to know what Remote Procedure Call is and its importance to the computer. 

Remote Procedures Call

Some computer geeks call it the RPC server that is similar to what you are calling it. A remote procedure is a sequence of instructions which is present outside the current program (or in a remote program). The current program will send a message to the remote program so as to execute any instructions. If the remote program doesn’t exist or is not running, the message is not understood. Hence, the instructions don't get executed. It is what causes the RemoteProcedure call failed error. For example, if the remote program is a duplicate of the explorer.exe which is hung up, busy or terminated, this error is bound to occur. 


What Should You Do If You Get This Error?

As stated earlier, remote procedure call failed error often comes when you are trying to launch applications, like VLC, which is associated with music or video. Therefore, before taking any computer repair procedure, there are a few questions you ought to ask yourself:

·         Have you made any hardware or software changes recently?
·         Are there any proxy settings set for internet connection?
·         Do you have the latest updates for your Windows?
·         Is there any third party anti-virus program on your PC?
Without further ado, let us review some of the methods of resolving this error:

Windows Update

The advantage of using Windows operating system is that you can solve most of your problems via the PC service offered by Microsoft. It is the simplest way of solving the RPC error especially if you are not good with computers or you are too busy. Just go to the control panel and check for any new updates. It might fix the error, otherwise try the next solution.

Using Registry Cleaner Apps

Lucky for us, there are some registry cleaner software that can help you repair this problem. The remote procedure call failed error might be a result of corruption of registry files, and this might get solved by running cleaner programs. Before downloading registry cleaner program, be cautious not to download malware or virus.

Manual Procedure

Unlike the first two methods, this technique is quite complex:

First, press ‘Windows+R’ key combination and then a Run dialog box will appear. Type ‘Regedt32.exe’ in the box and press ENTER to access the Registry Editor.

Follow the following path on the Registry editor: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage

On the left pane of the Registry Editor, below the key Storage, look for winstore, cw5n1h2txyewy subkey. This subkey is very essential, and if it is absent you should create one by click on the right key (right click) on the storage button and select New key. Also, create two more keys using the same procedure and name them as Internet Setting and Software. These two keys should be under winstore,_cw5n1h2txyewy subkey.
You should then download the SetACL.exe from a trusted website and copy it to C:\Windows\System32.
Finally run the command prompt as admin and type the following command; 

SetACL -on "hkcu\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\winstore

Benefits of Computer Service in Solving Remote Procedure Call Error

There are many advantages of using the PC service or online computer repair when solving the RPC error. First, it is an easy and straightforward technique hence you cannot damage any computer configurations. Secondly, you are guaranteed that by using this service there is zero risk of viruses or malware corrupting your computer. Lastly, this method is free.


However, the tips mentioned above are tested by experts still there remains a possibility that the error prevails despite using those. If it happens then, there could be some more critical and serious that you are still not able to diagnose. Immediately, contact a computer repair service for quick troubleshooting

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