Thursday 16 July 2015

Expert Computer Support Tips to fix 0x80070035 Windows Error

Irrespective of the version and edition of Microsoft Operating System, you are prone to counter various Windows errors on your PC. You might wonder that why you keep facing such critical errors when you already dedicate enough attention to your PC and its applications. Don’t bother because it is sometimes related to issues that remain beyond your control. The commonly faced 0x80070035 error is one of them that you may encounter on your PC anytime without any prior symptoms. 

Meaning of 0x80070035 Error Message

The error message contains the details of the error. The details may suggest you regarding the reasons for the error, clues about the system component that make the error take place, and other vital information. The numbers present in the error are a part of code containing important data that the manufacturer can decipher to troubleshoot the error. Using the error code, the OEM can reach a logical conclusion to why the error happened. But you shouldn’t assume that by simply having the error code with you, it would become easier for you to fix the issue. 


Things You Need to Do While You Face the Error

Earlier, when users faced trouble they had to rush to a physical PC repair shop for computer solutions. But with the rapid advancement in the Internet technology, most of the services are available online, and computer support is not an exception to that. If you are looking for a computer technician for troubleshooting such error, then simply go online and find a reliable computer solutions provider.
You can reach expert computer technicians by dialing their toll-free number and thus seek online computer solutions. But if you are an advanced PC user with fair knowledge of software and hardware components of a PC, then you can also try troubleshooting the error yourself. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss very useful troubleshooting steps for troubleshooting the 0x80070035 error. But before doing that, you must know about the causes of the error. 

Probable Causes of Error

Once you receive the error on your computer, then it simply means that there is some issue related to the operation of software or hardware parts of your PC. Some of the probable reasons for the occurrence of this error include: 

    Inappropriate or failed installation or uninstallation of software or programs.
    Invalid or corrupt Windows Registry.
    Virus or malware attack.
    Abrupt system shutdown due to a power mishap.
    Accidental deletion or removal of some important system file. 

The most important or immediate cause of the error is the failure of its normal operations by any system or application. 

How to Resolve the Error?

There is a high possibility of facing the error when you are trying to access another PC on the same network. You will see the error code 0x80070035 flashing on your PC screen with the following details:
“Error code: 0x80070035

The network path was not found.”

The error code simply means that the network path not found. The computer is not able to connect to the network. But don’t worry as you can still resolve the error in a convenient manner by following the below listed steps. 

Find the steps to fix the error: 

    First of all, modify the security firewall settings or you can also disable the entire security software installed on your Windows PC.
    Next, you need to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
    Navigate to “Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network Connections.”
    Now right-click on the ‘Connection’ and then choose ‘Properties.’
    Click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Version 4 that you can see in the list.
    Now click ‘Properties,’ and then click ‘Advanced.’
    Once you reach on the Advanced TCP/IP settings windows, you need to go to “WINS” tab.
    Finally, under NetBIOS setting, you need to click “Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP,” and then click OK.
The process is over, and now the error will not appear again. 


At times, mere enabling NetBIOS may not resolve the error, and it may keep haunting you when you require your PC most. In computers, one error gets initiated by a variety of reasons, so don’t assume that one particular troubleshooting method will resolve all the woes. If the steps mentioned above don’t work in resolving the error, then there might be something that you are not able to diagnose. To deal with such critical situations, you need to contact a professional computer support expert, who can thoroughly scan your PC and diagnose the error. After diagnosing the error, the computer technician will apply the appropriate tips to get it fixed.

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