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Computer Repair Tips to Fix 0x80070035 Windows Error Message

In today’s modern life when we depend on the web and the Internet for every small to the big thing, it turns troublesome if our PC stops functioning. If you are a Windows PC user then you probably know that your computer is subject to certain errors and issues, so you must know the appropriate methods to troubleshoot them. One of such critical Windows errors is 0x80070035 that can stop you from using your PC. Once you see the error message on your PC screen, you should rush to restrict the error’s impact on other components of your computer. If you ignore the error for a long time, then you may lose vital information and data stored on your device.

In the current blog post, you will get useful information and tips to fix the error on your own. Usually, we require a trained computer technician or a third party computer repair agency to fix the error. But if you know a lot about computers, then you can self-troubleshoot your computer using the tips mentioned below in this blog. These tips and tricks may not be helpful if you lack knowledge about the latest technology and computers. You should also refrain from using these tips without adequate knowledge and clear guideline about them because any wrong step can cause disastrous consequences for your computer.

Usually, these errors are the outcome of poor computer maintenance, missing system and security updates, and malicious programs and applications. To prevent these errors, you must pay attention to computer maintenance and must not miss any of the updates to keep your PC running well. If you miss any important system or security update, you make your computer vulnerable to a variety of threats. Apart from it, the performance of your PC also goes down and then you start facing a lot of issues and errors.


By now you have understood the general causes of the error and now let us know what precisely causes the 0x80070035 on your PC:

In the most of the cases, you come to the error code on your Windows 8 PC because of the damaged Windows system files. If the system files go corrupt in your system, it might instantly cause the error.

There is a variety of events that may lead to corrupt or damaged system files. It may result because of an incomplete installation, and accidental deletion of applications or programs. You may also face the error if your system gets attacked by an adware or spyware, or it shuts down abruptly. All the above situations may lead to corrupt or damaged system files. If you want to prevent the error in future, then you must ensure that your PC stays protected round the clock by an effective antivirus program. You should also take precautions while installing a software or hardware so that it goes through smoothly without causing any error.


computer repair
However, it is not very complex to use the tips to resolve the error yet you need to do it carefully to avoid any adverse consequences. There are two ways of troubleshooting the error. The first is meant for the advanced user, and the other is meant for basic users. Let us go through each one of them one-by-one.

For Advanced Computer Users

• Start your PC and log on as an administrator.

• Click the Start button and then select All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools and then click System Restore.

• In the new window, select ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ option and then click ‘Next.’

• You should select the most recent restore point from the “On this list, click a restore point” list, and then click ‘Next.’

• Now go to the confirmation window and click ‘Next.’

• Finally, you have to restart the PC once the restoration gets over.

Once you finish all the steps the issue should get over, and it will not appear again on your PC screen.

For Basic Computer Users

• Go to the web and research to find a repair utility to fix the Error Code 0x80070035.

• Download the utility by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

• Now install the program and click ‘Scan’ button.

• Now click ‘Fix Errors’ button once the scan gets over.

• Restart your PC.

It is an automatic process to get the issue resolved.


It might be possible that you face the error again despite using the above tips. It happens because there remains some malicious of damaged system file that you are not able to detect and remove or repair. To do that you require expert computer repair help. A trained and certified computer technician can easily diagnose the issue and use the most suitable troubleshooting technique to resolve the error. Online computer repair seems to be a suitable option if you are not comfortable in fixing your PC on your own. Apart from it, a computer technician will also fix other minor or major errors on your PC to improve the performance and productivity of your computer.

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