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Computer Support Guide: How to Resolve “The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error?

The RPC Server is Unavailable
“The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error is a very common error in Windows computers. The error occurs mainly because there is a disruption between two computers or in a network. It may also occur during local operations of a machine. For better clarity, the article will use two machines, one is initiating the communication and the second is acting as a server to which the entire communication is being sent to.

What is RPC ?

 RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. The mechanism allows Windows processors to communicate with each other. The communication can be between the client and a server within a network or in a single system. When the communication is between systems, RPC uses the dynamic ports. A TCP port 135a (static port) is used to initiate the communication. When the communication is being initiated, the client contacts the serves side. The end point mapper on TCP Port 135 requesting the Dynamic Port Number assigned to the particular service. The server then responds with IP address and the port number that has got registered with RPC. The client computer can contact the server on the give IP address and port.


What is “The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error?

The error message gets displayed once the computer cannot establish a communication with the server. The causes of TheRPC Server is Unavailableerror are:

1.       Stopped RPC service-This occurs when the RPC service is not running and the client is not able to access the server.

2.       RPC name issues- The error occurs when the RPC server's name revolves to the wrong IP address. The client contacts the wrong IP address or an IP address that is not currently in use. Also, the serves name may not be resolving completely.

3.       Firewall blocking the traffic- The problem may occur due to blocked traffic by a firewall or even any computer security application.

4.       Connectivity issues- Connectivity issues in your network may prevent the client from contacting the server.

How to Troubleshoot the Issue?

The RPC Server is Unavailable 
The best way to troubleshoot the issue is by contacting computer support. This is the easiest and most effective way to solve “The RPC server is unavailable” issue. The support team will give you a step by step guide about how to perform PC repair. Computer support service is always run by a professional computer technician who understands all the functioning of computer operating systems. Alternatively, if you’re a ‘Do It Yourself’ guy, then the following step-by-step guide will help you resolve the issue effectively:

1. Stopped RPC Service

i) Open the server’s service console
ii) Locate the ‘RPC’ service and start it.
That will ensure that the stopped RPC service is running again.

2. RPC Name Resolution

i) Ping the server from your computer to verify that the name resolves to the right IP address. If it does, then name resolution is not the issue. You can skip the next steps of the section.
ii) If both the client and the server are in an ACTIVE DIRECTORY Domain (AD) and DNS is the name used for name resolution. The next step here is to verify that you are using the correct DNS server.

iii) If you are using the right DNS servers, then use the DNS control console to verify that your RPC sever is correctly registered in DNS. Alternatively, you can use the “ipconfig” command to register the DNS server again.

3. Traffic Blocked by Firewall

To resolve this issues you need to:

i) Check windows firewall setting on you RPC server. If you have enabled your firewall, then allow the traffic on TCP port 135 to pass.

4. Resolving Connectivity Issues

i) Ping to test the connectivity between your computer and the server

ii) Use the “portqry” command to test the connectivity from the client to the server and to check the ports that are open

iii) If you are using a computer on a different subnet with the server, then verify that you have routed the traffic between the two correctly. If the two are in different physical locations, then verify that the link is running to allow free passage of traffic.


Though those four tricks will help resolve “The RPC server is unavailable” issue, it is advisable to contact a computer technician for technical help. Contacting tech support firms may costs reasonable PC repair bills, but they won’t cause any physical, virtual and mechanical damage to your systems. It is better to spend a few dollars rather than putting your data-rich systems under danger.

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