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Choose Premium Computer Support to Fix 0x80070035 Windows Error

The onset of fast Internet connectivity and evolution of remote connectivity software has added a new dimension to the PC troubleshooting. In particular, computer support has evolved to a major extent to benefit PC users, who can now enjoy PC repair with much ease and convenience. The development in computer repair technology benefits you if you are facing PC errors that prevent you from using your PC at all. 0x80070035 Windows error is one such error that can render your computer unusable. But now you can get it fixed online with the help of expert technical support.
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Of late, the services offered by tech support companies got maligned because of some online fraud that put a question mark on their credibility. Now the customers got a bit skeptical and think twice before taking their service. In such a scenario, it is good if you can troubleshoot your PC yourself. But remember, to troubleshoot Windows errors including 0x80070035, you must have a sound knowledge of PC operations and its components. So, if you are ready to troubleshoot the error yourself, then this is the right blog for you. The blog offers highly useful information on how you can fix the 0x80070035 error yourself. But before rushing to the troubleshooting tips, first let us know about the error in little detail. 

0x80070035 Error: Symptoms and Causes

You may come across the error, if your computer is running Windows OS and you are using wireless home network for streaming online media. Users of Windows 7 and Vista may experience the error when they will get prevented from connecting to the Media Center. The error also occurs when there are issues with network connection after you make changes in the IP details. 

The error also occurs when network connections get interrupted because of an active firewall or antivirus solution. Some other reasons causing the 0x80070035 error code include, defective HomeGroup connection, issues with the network connectivity and performance related flaws with the basic network environment. When home networks fail to define the network path, the users see the following error message:
“Windows could not access \\MEDIACENTRE. 0x80070035 The network path was not found.”


Things You Need to Do Before Troubleshooting the Error 

Before you begin the computer repair you need to ensure certain things listed below. Even a technical support specialist will check that your PC can do all the basic services, before starting troubleshooting.  So before you go for troubleshooting, ensure that following services are running on your PC. 

    Network Connections
    DCHP Client
    HomeGroup Provider
    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper
    Network Location Awareness


How to Troubleshoot to Fix 0x80070035 Error

Find below the troubleshooting steps to fix the error. These are the steps suggested and adopted by a PC repair expert. Therefore, these tips help you in quick computer repair if you are facing the error. Experts suggest three methods to troubleshoot the error. Each of the methods are mentioned one-by-one.
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Method One

Use the HomeGroup Troubleshooting Tool
It is the most recommended method to fix the error if your PC develops error while viewing shared files within your HomeGroup. You can easily fix the error by following the below tips:

    First of all, click Start > Control Panel, and then type ‘troubleshooter’ in the Search box
    Now click ‘Troubleshooting’ option that you will get from the search results
    Here, you need to look at the left pane, and then click ‘View all,’ and then click ‘HomeGroup.
    Now enter the Administrator password once prompted by the wizard. Now the troubleshooter tool will fix the error. 

Method Two

Remove of Disable Antivirus or Firewall 

Sometimes, you may experience the error because of the conflicting settings of the security programs including antivirus software, antimalware, Firewall, Windows Defender, and others. The settings prevent network connections from operating optimally. So, you need to disable these programs for some time and verify if these programs are culprits behind the error. Perform the following steps to disable these programs: 

    Navigate to the path Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security and then click ‘Review your computer's status’ option

    Expand the section by clicking on the Security arrow button

    The antivirus software will get listed under ‘Virus protection’ column once the Windows detects the program

    You can also visit the official website of the software vendor to get the information about disabling the software. 

Method Three

Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

The third method is about enabling the NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Perform the following steps to enable the feature. 

    First of all, navigate to Control Panel > Network Connections

    Further, fight-click ‘Connection’ and click ‘Properties’ option

    Locate ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Version 4’ option and then click ‘Properties’ again

    Click the ‘Advanced’ button and then move to ‘WINS’ tab located on the Advanced TCP/IP settings area

    Then finally, click ‘Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP’ option and, then hit ‘OK.’


The above mentioned tips and steps help an intermediate PC user in resolving the error without any expert technical support. But if you fail to resolve the error using these tips, then there might be some complex issues that you fail to figure out. For appropriate resolution of such complex PC errors, computer support is the right solution.

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